manifests itself in these pages as an independent software developer
Lizard King is me & wife, we like trees and gentle beings,
we live a warm and peaceful life between the countryside and the sea
chasing our love and passions while trying not to harm the surroundings.
We are always working on many more projects than we can handle,
perhaps you will find some of them pleasing enough to try out :)


Our works, as of now:


Current main project is in the works,
and still to be announced
when there will be something to say
it will be said right here!

The Christmas Sleigh

A seasonal game for Android
both for the young and old
available on Google Play Store


A framework for 3D applications
in Clickteam Fusion 2.5
get it now in the Clickstore

Clickteam Fusion

Check out a selection of
widgets and examples made by
Lizard King for Clickteam Fusion 2.5

Projects under development

There is always something going on in the Lizard Kingdom!

We won't announce a project unless we're (almost) sure it will be done (*cough*)
but as soon as we have something solid to show, it will be up right here, somewhere.
This is how our worktime is currently split - and yes, we do have other interests.
You know you should too :)

A number of software projects tba

Support and freelance works

Other projects, life, self improvement

Web Design / manteinance


Need some additional information on our works?
Have a cool project to talk about?

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