P3D 2.1

a framework for 3D applications in Clickteam Fusion 2.5

3D made fun!

A simple and solid solution, P3D brings the old school sprites & poly 3D graphics to your Clickteam Fusion Windows applications, with a fresh and modern touch. Make your platformer, puzzle game, isometric adventure, first person shooter, architectural demos, interactive presentation, menus, whatever you can think of. P3D is fully integrated in Fusion GUI: add objects to the frame editor, paint your textures in the animation editor, create and move elements in 3D space by drag and drop and manipulating alterable values/strings in the event editors.


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Zombie city

Wander inside zombie city and try out P3D in action, source code for P3D users available in the "Repository"

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Fact sheet

Current version: 2.1 (18/05/2018)

a framework of events and objects in an .mfa file to plug 3D capabilities in Clickteam Fusion 2.5

What you get:
a precompiled .mfa file for Clickteam Fusion 2.5 with the group "P3D" consisting in about 2000 events, a set of objects, 28 specifically designed pixel shaders, 2 examples packs with 19 examples, 140 pages instruction manual

Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard or Developer updated to build 283.9 or above, Microsoft Windows with DirectX 9.0c or above

(suggested) a solid knowledge of Clickteam Fusion 2.5, an average knowledge of english language for the instruction manual


Some examples of P3D engine in action

Zombie city

Source code in the repository!

Wander inside zombie city, pave your road through hordes of absolutely pacific zombies and look at some nice water effect. Source code free to download!

Try the game!

Watch on Youtube

1.2 Update

New features!

Version 1.2 boosts new featuers like sprite collision and "preload" frame while fixing and improving movements as per users requests

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First steps in P3D

Video shows usual workflow with P3D, making some basic environment and sprites. Ehm, part II will very hardly ever come :|

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First view of P3D

Where it all began.. trailer shows P3D in action with a different range of applications through the examples pack included in the .mfa

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In short


User friendly



Ships packed with stuff

Open source code


No setup, ready to go!

More informations?

Check out some example games made with P3D
and read the article below

  • Try it out
  • Castle example
  • move with arrow keys, jump with shift, fire with space, switch weapon with enter tilt view with Q/E, rotate view with A/D, fly with “W” change lighting parameters with 1,2,3,4,5,6 switch cameras with the selector menu
  • 5.7 MB

  • Try it out
  • Magical keep
  • wait for the moving platform to bring you up to the keep! Move with arrow keys, jump with shift switch cameras with the selector menu
  • 19.7 MB

  • Purchase P3D
  • 28 Shaders
  • 19 Examples
  • 140 Pages booklet
  • ~2000 Events
  • a single .mfa no extensions
  • $ 15.99

  • Try it out
  • Isometric/Action RPG
  • Move with arrow keys, jump with shift switch cameras with the selector menu
  • 14.3 MB

- easy drag and drop interface, create your worlds and place/move your characters directly in the frame editor
- unlimited number of viewpoints you can freely position at any angle
- full 3D rotations for polygons on all three rotation angles
- includes 28 pixel shaders specifically designed for P3D
- a complete suite for making games and apps, with included builtin 3D movements for any situation
- support for 8 and 16 bit heightmaps - "zero hassle ©" collision system checked directly against geometries, no user intervertion needed
- create and destroy 3D objects in runtime
- completely extensionless
- model your objects by combining and merging together shapes
- customizable Skybox or Skydome for an immersive experience
- perspectively consistent, use any texture size and place it next to any other size, no more limitations!
- create the old games of your youth, or amaze everyone with high-res eye catching graphics
- enhance your 2D games with touches of 3D (a 3D menu, scrolling background, collectible objects...)
- fully customizable: made in Clickteam Fusion!

How does P3D works?

P3D is a complete suite of events and objects allowing you to create 3D worlds directly in the frame editor, with the same Fusion interface you already know and no additional extensions, nor external assets, since you can build everything from scratch directly with the animation editor. To do so, it uses a pixel shader (now five new shaders specifically designed for P3D) for polygons deformations. P3D also includes all the events for movements and collision detection, with this tool you can have the good old “sprite & poly” games like Doom, Hexen, Ultima Underworld, but of course also modern-looking games (up to you and your textures!) or even use it simply for menus, or animated backgrounds, or as a zooming tool, or whatever you can think of. It all happens in its three layers (one for the interface, others the map, and the projection), so you can handle them the way you like more.