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Clickteam Fusion 2.5 archive

Back in 1994 Klik & Play was something, kids were enthusiast to play games but very few among them dared to even think creating one. Clickteam's first (very successful) effort was a bridge from developers to users - and lot of fun. Back then internet was not so widespread, informations were hard to find and learning a programming language for the average user was something like black magic. Today everything is different. Programming languages are far more accessible, there's a huge quantity of documentation and tutorials available - yet, game (and application) making with Fusion 2.5 (the far more advanced version of 1994's Klik & Play) is one of the quickest and most versatile solutions. Powerful and easy to grasp, Fusion comes with a huge set of tools packed in a slim, efficient and affordable set. And with Fusion3 behind the corner, with new or improved features and sleek multiporting to every platform, the independent developers world might have next big twist.

Lizard King makes a wide use of Clickteam Fusion and has collected below a selection of his examples and widgets. Feel free to download and use them by any means. Just promise you'll use them to make something beautiful and bring a better world! :D

Lizard King CTF2.5 archive

All downloads in this page are free to use in any commercial / non commercial project, attribution appreciated, not needed
OS symbols generally mean that the mfa is "supposed" to work on those platforms, we have not tested all of them / for all platforms,
so make sure you test it right away on target system, before embarking on a long project!

(differences might be subtle..)

..... example (a generic showcase of a small function or idea, generally in few lines)
..... tool (a small portable add-on that gives an extra functionality to a project)
..... widget/engine (same as above, but "bigger", more complex and generally multi-object)
..... template (a premade blueprint of a stand alone application/minigame, generally customizable and ready-to-use for production with few tweaks)

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8 directions fastloop movement

floating point precision and push blocks

8 directional movement made with fastloops, features pixel-perfect collisions, pushing blocks, and "slide" against smooth edges. Easy to customize with additional block types



Brick connect game

for match-4 or other block games

Checks connections among same block types in few events and without using external objects like arrays or extensions, but just iterating through the block themselves with a collision detector




Shows a nice multi-variable graphic with average tendency

Left or right click on sectors to change circumplex values, the middle crosshair will show the average "tendency" of the variable set. Useful for charting data, or to show alignment or skills in RPGs, and whatever you may think of



Deck game

Evenly and smoothly space cards while playing

A simple example on how to place cards on the board and space them evenly while they are drawn or played, use it for card games or for any GUI that may require different elements to be created and removed on the fly



Easy path widget

Cross-platform extensionless pathfinding

try now in HTML5

Quick and easy pathfinding solution, for single and multiple chasers at the same time. Includes additional functions like line and "area" drawing, or "path" blitting, available for 4 or 8 directions. Full instructions and examples inside the mfa


(iOS 10+)


Grid movement

Superquick grid movement in 8 directions / with followers

Very short code for a grid movement in just 5 events, with 8 available directions, player sticks to grid and cannot access obstacle cells. Bonus version with any number of followers chasing the main player in a "snake-like" movement. Customizable player speed and grid size



Infinite space

Fly through the infinite space

Requires string tokenizer extension

Place your objects in a database of elements, and sail the deep space while the engine loads their positions and places them in the space. Bonus parallax starfield code!



Lightrays (multiple)

Multiple lightsources shadowcasting

Requires subtract shader

This template provides a set of objects and events to draw and customize single or multiple lightsources, each with a different set of properties, like degrees amplitude, length, density, wall penetration, glowing fx


windows only


Line of sight

Test line of sight among two objects

Basic example showing how to draw a line of sight among two objects and use it to determine wether they can see each other or not, across an obstacle field of active or backdrop objects



Nearest object

Chase the nearest target

Very simple and straightforward example of how to pick the nearest (among many) object B to object A. The chaser will always seek the nearest of its targets. Can be useful for enemies AI



Particle explosion

Simple but effective

This example provides a simple but eye-catching way to destroy your objects: destroyed object will be disintegrated in small colored pieces. Customizable pieces dimension/frequency



Projectile trajectory

Aim a projectile to hit a specific target position

Basing on projectile (constant) speed and gravity, this example will show how to pick the correct shooting angle to hit a specific target position



Sinewave cannon

Shoot a projectile in a sinewave

Quick example of how to shoot a sinewave projectile towards any angle, rotating the sinewave along the direction chosen. Customize speed, amplitude and frequency of the wave. Additional fancy colorful effects included :D



Timeline movement

Design clockwork movements for your objects

Requires string tokenizer extension

Timeline movement inscribes your objects positions in a timeline, so that each object is always at a specific coordinate in a given moment, and you can move the timeline backward or forward. Useful if you want precision control over a set of elements or want to design specific intercepts to happen among objects



Very big int

Add and subtract very big integers

A simple and straightforward tool to handle addition and subtraction with arbitrarily big integer numbers, self contained in an active behavior. Just drop "very big int" object in your game to be able using it



Zelda scrolling

An example of how to scroll in a Zelda type game, with camera panning through closed rooms and door-switching to other areas. Easy to use by placing "doors" and "boundaries" objects. Background graphics included as homage to the original game and protected by copyright so DO NOT use them!