The Christmas Sleigh

The Christmas Sleigh

The joyful season!

For young and old. The Christmas Sleigh is a funny ride through snowy environments, collecting nuts and acorns, enjoying the crisp and relaxing environment, while trying to beat an highscore... or your friends! You can play single matches or challenge with your friends. Try the interactive demo on this side (demo only features a very limited single-player gameplay)

The Christmas Sleigh is FREE to play with advertisements,
but you can consider unlocking banner-free version for just 2$

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click this box to try a limited
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-click on the screen to accelerate
-click on the player to brake
-go as fast as you can
-collect items
-have fun!

this limited version
gives you only a brief playtime
and shows just very few
features/items/musics/video fx
so make sure you check out
the full Android game for FREE!


Check out a video trailer and read the story behind

Release trailer

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What's going on with Christmas?

Help Santa and his friends!

Have you ever wondered how can elves build all those toys for every kid in the world? They use a time-bending device, powered by some magical ingredients gathered from the woods. But you know, woods are suffering, climate changes and overbuilding made for less trees and a magical shortage. Christmas is coming, toys are not enough and the elves have run out of time! Santa and his friends must go and gather chestnuts, pinecones and acorns to refill the magic device, so that Christmas eve can last long enough for the elves to make all toys!

Simple and fun






Endless gameplay



Fact sheet

Current version: 1.2 (13/02/2017)

  • intuitive gameplay: gain momentum on slopes to climb up hills
  • simple but responsive controls, play with just a finger
  • keep going at max speed to maximize score
  • use your skills to master all play modes and unlock all the achievements
  • multiplayer matches up to four players!
  • ride through endless day/night cycles
  • dedicated global and social leaderboards for each play mode
  • you can unlock a banner-free version of the game just by playing!